01 Beach House
Peter Stutchbury

Detail in Contemporary
Australian Architecture

The Beach House overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the pristine white sands of Newport Beach on Sydney’s Northern Peninsular. Designed by one of Australia’s most celebrated architects, the house exhibits Peter Stutchbury’s trademark attention to detail in the expression of structure and materials, and a sophisticated approach to environmental sustainability. The house is organised using a primary order of seven monumental concrete portal frames. On the ground floor, extensively glazed living spaces are contained within the organising presence of the portal frames, while on the first floor, private sleeping and bathing spaces are supported on top of the portals, contained within a light weight, timber-framed, copper-roofed ‘canopy’. Passive environmental systems including extensive use of adjustable, external louvres, perforated, hinged wall panels to control light, privacy and ventilation, as well as north-facing, roof-mounted solar panels and integrated hydronic floor heating, have resulted in an extremely comfortable, responsive, energy efficient family home.

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